Our Vision

Our Vision

We want to help facilitate the growth of businesses that make a positive impact on the world. Whether this be through selling a product or a service, we want to support the contribution that business can make by supporting them in being seen and recognized by potential customers.

Our Story

Digital Marketing Strategy and Solutions founder, Danielle, had been working in marketing for over a decade. In that time she came across many different businesses of many different sizes that all had one thing in common. The complexity of marketing had increased to a point where older strategizes were no longer effective. These businesses had the potential to influence the community in a positive way but they were not getting noticed or noticed by enough people to make a real difference and get the traction they needed to grow.

A few years later, Danielle decided to start DMSS. Making a difference by supporting these businesses individually using our collective and extensive knowledge continues to be our goal.

Meet the Founder


Danielle Schoenecker

Born and raised in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Danielle enjoyed a life of outdoors fun, wide-open spaces, and a strong education. A few years after graduating college with a Bachelor's in Marketing with an Emphasis in Promotions and Leadership, she decided to follow her mom and sister West. Upon first moving to California, she continued to work in what she calls her “first career” in restaurant management.

After a couple years, she knew she had to follow a deeper calling and she decided to continue her education. Danielle received a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology With an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. During her studies she also realized that she needed to return to her first passion, Marketing.

Danielle’s expertise lies in digital strategy, planning, inbound and content marketing, automation, campaigns, and optimization among others. She continues to dedicate a large amount of time towards strengthening her skills and deepening her expertise so that all her clients can benefit from her knowledge. Danielle believes that a motivating, supportive, and encouraging work environment focused on growth is required for true success.

Get Noticed

We help businesses large and small develop and execute their digital marketing strategies so that potential customers will see AND recognize them.